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31 May 2020

Letter to Brownie “A Tribute”

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My Dear Beloved Brownie,

On June 5th it will be three months since you passed over. I have cried many tears, have had sleepless nights, and have missed you so much! If I was granted a wish for anything in the World, it would be to have one more day with you. But Brownie, mom is tired of feeling sad, and a new day has begun…

I will no longer mourn your passing. I will no longer be sad, or feel lost. I will begin to celebrate your life, and celebrate your spirit that is whole again and happy. I will celebrate the magnificent beast you are. The dog with the biggest personality that ever wore earth clothes. I will remember the stubbrand and determined dog who fought cancer with everything he had. I will remember how blessed we are that we had so many wonderful years together. Yes, there were some tough times, but we made it through. We made it through together.

On April 1st I released balloons to celebrate your 13th birthday. That evening I saw the biggest brightest star shining over our house. I was so drawn to that star. I got a warm feeling, and a feeling of comfort. I knew at that moment, that you are still with me. Some evenings, after the sun goes down, I go outside to the backyard, and in that same spot, I will see that star shining so bright. I know you are telling me that everything is going to be ok. You are letting me know that we have made it through tough times before, and we will get through this too, together. I gave the star the name of “Brownie’s Star”.

The first time I saw you on a chain, I thought you needed me. But the truth was I needed you, and you knew that. When you escaped your chain you could have gone anywhere you wanted, but you chose to find me. You picked me to be your mom!  How honored, proud, and happy I am that you picked me! I will always be your mom, and you will always be my Bubba.
Brownie, this tribute is for you. It is a small way for me to thank you for loving me……

I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and always…..



One Response to “Letter to Brownie “A Tribute””

  1. jerry Says:

    Just. Beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and soul dog with us Nancy. What a journey! Brownie will never be forgotten.

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